Papa KENO’S Is A GAMBLE When It Comes To Timely Delivery And Customer Service

My son ordered over the phone because we could find no way to order online as advertised on their Yelp page but the employee told him “we’ll have it out when we have it out”. We live just 3 blocks away, but after 45 minutes there was still no sign of our pizza. It finally arrived nearly an hour after we placed our order, so I guess the guy on the phone was right after all.

Poor customer service aside, the pizza, although not cheap at $18 for a one-topping 18 inch cheese pizza, was not bad. We had the salami pizza and two order of breadsticks and the tab came to a little over $31 before tip. Not cheap. As far as I could tell, they do not offer specials online so what you se is what you get.

Decent pizza, not so decent value, and poor customer service means …

CombatCritic Gives Papa Keno’s (Lawrence) Only 4 Bombs Out of 10 … More Bombs Are Better!

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  1. FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
  2. Address: 911 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044
    Phone:(785) 843-8019





     M-F 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

First of all, the FedEx website is confusing and difficult to use. I have an account, but have to enter data over and over even after “saving” it. I recently created two shipments, one going and one return, using the same information, but when I got to the store realized that I was being charged an extra $2.31 for the return shipment even though it was being delivered to the same city it was being shipped from (Lawrence).

FedEx advertises “one low price” (“as low as $7.50”) for envelopes, but my envelopes cost $12+ and $14+ for a total of $26 … NOT $15! They state on their website:

“FedEx One Rate … Simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of FedEx”

But their website is anything but “simple” and it is obviously not a “flat rate” because they charge different prices depending on where the envelope is going.

I asked about the price discrepancy at Kinkos, but was told “oh, that’s just the way it is” and was not offered a refund or new shipping labels at the cheaper “one rate”. Customer service at this location is sketchy with reps having little if any knowledge of FedEx processes or pricing. In-fact, the employee told me “next time, just come to the counter and we’ll take care of it for you”, but when I did just that a few weeks back I was told “go to the computer over there and print your own labels”. I then spent 30 minutes trying to navigate the website, re-enter “saved” information, and print the labels.

CombatCritic Gives FedEx Kinko’s (Lawrence, Kansas) 3 Bombs Out Of 10

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The Pita Pit Is THE PITS When It Comes To Value

Pita Pit
1011 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS 66044

Prices: $$$$$

The place was empty on a Wednesday night as I entered, a bad sign, and I almost turned around to go to Fuzzy’s for some tacos. Instead I decided to give it a go and walked to the counter.

The staff was friendly and helpful, the place clean, the veggies fresh, and being Wednesday I was told that “double meat’s only an extra buck” ($1 – normally $2.50), so I ordered a Philly Steak with grilled onion, peppers, and mushrooms for $6.59 ($7.59 + tax with double meat, bringing the total to $8 and change – normally $9.09 + tax).

With more meat than Subway, I thought the sandwich would be more filling than it was. They offer white and whole wheat pita, but being so thin the bread offers little satiation. I was still hungry. The extras (veggies, cheeses, sauces) are included and are liberally added, but the pita bread can only hold so much before bursting. In fact, the pita fell apart halfway through my sandwich as the juices attacked the bread less than 20  minutes after ordering.

For $8+ I was not pleased with the value of the sandwich. They offer chips on the side to accompany sandwiches, but french fries would be more appropriate and filling. Overall, I found my experience and the value of my meal disappointing.

CombatCritic Gives Pita Pit 4 Out of 10 Bombs … BOMBS ARE GOOD!

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Best Pizza in Lawrence (Kansas)!

Tad’s Pizzeria

1410 Kasold Dr 
Lawrence, KS 66049

(785) 856-3131


Price: $$$$$

I know it is not saying much when I say that Tad’s has the best pizza in Lawrence, a town of 90,000 with some of the poorest restaurant choices per capita in the nation, if not the world, particularly when it comes to Italian food.

I had heard that Tad’s had good pizza a few weeks before our recent trip to Puerto Rico, but we did not have a chance to try it before we left. Upon our return I was too burnt-out to cook, so I ordered from Tad’s mobile website while in the sauna at the gym. Their site is actually quite user-friendly and easy to navigate, but I was dismayed when I realized that when I created an account to order our food, I had apparently signed-up for a service called “EatStreet”. Tad’s and/or EatStreet should warn you before enrolling in a service without your permission, including “push” notifications I neither wanted nor needed.

Back to the food …

I ordered two pizzas, one NY Cheese and one NY White, and at $14 and $16 respectively for an 18″, not a bad investment. Wheat State Pizza is comparable in price, but offers Groupons from time to time, making them a better value. Tad’s should consider doing the same or offer more specials than the limited number they have now. With tax and tip, the bill totaled about $36, not cheap for “PIZZA NIGHT”. I routinely order the most basic menu item available on my first visit to a restaurant, in this case no pepperoni, sausage, or … YUCK … PINEAPPLE, to see if they can get the basics right.

The pizzas arrived promptly even though Tad’s is across town from our house and the delivery person was very friendly and polite. My only critique was that when I handed him $40 for a $30 order, he asked “do you need some change”, to which I responded “yes, please!”.

The red, cheese pizza was delicious and reminiscent of the pizza “back East”, thin dough and crust, well seasoned sauce, and good mozzarella cheese, the type that stretches when you pull the slicers apart. I do not know why it is so easy to find good pizza in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania where even the bad pizza joints serve pizza better than most places in Kansas.

The white pizza was also very good with no sauce, abundant mozzarella cheese, and a dollup of ricotta on each of the eight slices. The pizza could have been improved with some extra-virgin olive oil brushed on the dough before adding the cheeses or possibly some garlic, oregano, and/or basil added under or on top of the cheeses. It was a bit dry and lacking taste, but was tasty nonetheless.

We will definitely be ordering Tad’s pizza again. My only recommendation being that it would be nice if they offered salami as a topping. I have never sen a true NY pizzeria that did not have salami and my favorite addition to a simple cheese pizza.

Overpriced by a buck or two a pie, CombatCritic Gives Tad’s Pizzeria 7 Out of 10 Bombs based on VALUE … BOMBS ARE GOOD!

Tad's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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